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Homework Guidelines

Homework Guidelines Grades 1 & 2

The purpose of homework is to reinforce skills and content taught in the classroom. Teachers use homework to assess students understanding of concepts and skills learned in school.

  1. The target areas for homework are reading and mathematics.
  2. Grade 1 homework should not exceed 20 minutes each day; Grade 2 homework should not exceed 25 minutes each day.
  3. Homework is not expected to be completed on weekends, holidays, or vacations.
  4. If a student misses school due to a planned family absence, work will not be assigned prior to the absence, and work will be expected to be completed upon return.  Completion dates of work missed due to illness or family emergencies will be determined on an individual basis.
  5. Homework will be checked for understanding and effort, but not graded.
  6. Projects will not be assigned as homework. Projects will be completed in school.
  7. Unfinished homework can be completed during class time. (i.e. silent reading, choice time and not during recess.)
  8. Homework assignments are to be individualized by classroom, not by a grade level.  Families play an important role in the homework process. We value your role in supporting homework and encouraging healthy work habits. Below are suggestions that may be useful to you.

Families are encouraged to…

  • Ask their child what the child is studying in school.
  • Provide an appropriate space for their child to do homework.
  • Ask their child to show them any homework assignments.
  • Assist their child in organizing homework materials.
  • Help their child formulate a plan for completing homework.
  • Not complete assignments for the child.
  • Praise their child for completing homework.
  • Not allow their child to sacrifice sleep to complete homework.

Families may, if wish…

  • Read aloud with their child every day.
  • Help their child interpret assignment directions.
  • Proofread their child’s work, pointing out errors and correct work.
  • Give practice quizzes to their child to prepare tests.
  • Help their child brainstorm ideas for writing or projects.
  • Families should communicate to the teacher if…
  • Homework exceeds the designated grade level time limits.
  • Concepts or skills are unfamiliar to the child.

Grade Level average time of homework:

Kindergarten =10 minutes
Grade 1 = 20 minutes
Grade 2 = 25 minutes
Grade 3= 30 minutes
Grade 4= 40 minutes