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Grade 6 Report Card Changes

As a district, we are adjusting how we report student grades and progress in sixth grade to provide some transitioning to middle school practices.  Students will continue to receive three report cards with average scores each trimester for their English, mathematics, social studies, and science work but will no longer receive scores 1-4 for each discrete curriculum standard. They will also continue to receive feedback on learner behaviors and progress in physical education, art, music, and, where applicable, band or orchestra.  Students will also receive a progress report midway through the marking period for the four core academic areas. Students will receive their first progress report on October 23rd.

This year, we will transition our sixth graders to accessing PowerSchool, our student information system used extensively in grades 7-12.  We intend to familiarize students and families with this tool so that it is one less “new” thing our students and families must adjust to as middle school students.  We will open the PS portal at progress report time and at the end of the term so that sixth-grade students and families can view assignments and scores.

There is no change to the parent conference process.  As always, our teachers will be available to answer any questions about student progress and will assist students in developing good academic habits in their content areas, homework, goal setting, and planning.

Directions for accessing PowerSchool will be sent October 23rd when Progress Reports are released.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 781-829-0832 or your building principal.

Thank you, 

Marybeth Brust